UPDATE: RC Farmers Market To Open At Fairgrounds Saturday


farmers market to open at fairgrounds

UPDATE: RC Farmers Market To Open At Fairgrounds Saturday

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The Farmers market is back at the Robertson County Fairgrounds this weekend after heavy rain hit Robertson County this week causing  some of the worst flooding in years.

Buildings were damaged, roads blocked and a Springfield family was left homeless. The Robertson County Fairgrounds pavilion and adjacent buildings were covered in mud, so much so that they had to be closed.

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PHOTO BY: Jessica Beal

The Farmers Market, a popular spot for those that like fresh farm grown food, had to be relocated. According to County Agent Paul Hart, after the waters receded. workers rushed to try and ready the facility for the weekend but the task was a bit daunting, until ironically, it rained a little yesterday and this morning.

The rain softened the mud just enough to ease the task of removing the mud. Now the pavilion is ready for the Farmers Market. They had announced that the Farmers Market would be moved down the street to the big Stewart Williams parking lot, that is no longer necessary, thanks for the offer Stewart Williams.

So if you like fresh fruit, vegetables, grass fed beef and homemade bread, the Farmers Market will be ready in the same ol’ spot at the Robertson County Fairgrounds Pavilion. Here’s a MAP.

Be sure to thank all the workers that poured themselves into getting the pavilion ready this weekend in comments below.

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