VIDEO: Rollover Crash Takes an Unexpected Turn

VIDEO: Rollover Crash Takes an Unexpected Turn

COOPERTOWN TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – First responders are used to tragedy, it’s part of their job description but some calls are different. When a first responder hears the word “child” in any context- it instantly puts them in high gear and that’s exactly what happened Monday night but it wasn’t just one child it was multiple children who were likely fighting for their lives.

It was Monday night and the first call went out just before 7 pm, —Tom Austin Hwy and Old Hwy 431We have a rollover crash, multiple children ejected, possible entrapment. Needless to say, the county went into high gear putting every piece of equipment they had available en route to the crash. Robertson County EMS, the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department, the Robertson County Emergency Management Agency, the THP, and even a medical helicopter were all racing to the scene. “Let’s get air ambulances en route” -“Do we know how many patients?” “It’s not clear.

“The call led to a heavy response of multiple ambulances, including a helicopter air ambulance that responded from Nashville to do a flying-standby,” said Robertson County EMS Director Brent Dyer.

“Upon arrival, command was established and a triage system was implemented. Thankfully, responders found only 2 adults (a 24-year-old and a 44-year-old) and one (5-year-old) child, all of whom were stable with non-life-threatening injuries.

“All 3 people were transported non-emergency to TriStar NorthCrest Medical Center for treatment and further evaluation. –We are always thankful to find that what sounded to be a very bad situation is actually not as critical as what we had prepared for. Oftentimes, it is the opposite of that and we have to work to stretch our resources. We are thankful this family was able to get treatment and return home to one another safely,” Dyer said.

As far as the cause of the crash, the Tennessee Highway Patrol is leading the investigation. As soon as they are prepared to release their findings we will bring it to you.

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