White House Chamber Exec. Director, Julie Bolton Says Leaving Is Bitter Sweet

 Julie accepted the responsibilities as Exec. Director of the White House…
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Smokey Barn News
Monday April 7, 2014
White House, Tenn.

White House Chamber Executive Director,  Julie Bolton Says Leaving Is Bitter Sweet As She Promotes Her Last Discover White House Business Expo  This Saturday…….

A Bittersweet Farewell

By Eddy Bolton

We’re counting down the days until we say goodbye to White House and all the many friends and acquaintances we acquired during our eleven years of residence here. When we made the choice to move here in 2003 we had no idea, at that time, how wonderful our experience would turn out to be. Speaking for both Julie and myself, it has been most enjoyable and appreciated in more ways than we are able to articulate.

When Julie accepted the responsibilities as Executive Director of the White House Chamber Of Commerce, we knew there would be challenges as well as rewards, we just didn’t realize those rewards would be manifested in the form of so many wonderful friends. To say that we are on a roller-coaster ride of emotional highs and lows would be an understatement of gross proportion. We knew we would experience the pangs of grief and sadness when we considered the thought of being separated from our church family along with those friends and business leaders we encounter during our daily activities. What we had no way of knowing, however, was how much we were loved by all of you. This has never been made clearer to us than through the outpouring of your expressions of love over the past two weeks, it has truly been overwhelming. The list of friends we’ll miss is so great that we refrain from listing them for fear that we will inadvertently leave someone out. I will only say that we will miss you all, we really and truly will.

I know better than anyone how difficult it will be for any friend of Julie’s to realize that this wonderful breath of sunshine will be absent from the chamber office and this community. As the blessed recipient of her love, affection, devotion, infectious smile and positive personality for 26 years, I can’t imagine how sad it will be to not hear her voice or fail to see her smile. Though some of you may miss me an itsy bitsy, teeny weenie bit, the big loss to White House, TN isn’t the Bolton’s… It’s Julie Bolton singularly!

Thanks for loving us, and making us feel as if we were native residents of this wonderful community. It is such a bittersweet time for us because our joy and excitement of moving back to the Ozarks, where we met and were married, is over shadowed by the sadness of leaving White House and all our friends. Though you will be out of sight, I assure you, you will not be out of mind, cause ya’ll did more than just get in our heads… you got in our hearts.

 Discover White House Saturday April 12th

Also coming up this weekend Saturday April 12th is Discover White House. Learn all about local Robertson County businesses and the services they provide. This is  a really great event to see many great local companies all under one roof. You wont want to miss it no matter where you live in Robertson County. Below is Smokey’s video from last years Discover White House to give you just a snapshot of the event..  More info on this years event click here http://youtu.be/PEzg10lKNr4

I have known Julie Bolton for a few years now and one thing stands out, even above her cheerful smile and warm personality. Julie is a marketing machine, she tirelessly promotes local business in any way she can. Julie’s attitude towards local business has attracted businesses all across Robertson County, not just White House. Julie is great at promoting local businesses whether you are a member or not. The purpose of a Chamber Of Commerce is to promote local business and help bring money into the community, no one understands that better than Julie. Julie was always a pleasure to work with, even when my microphone failed and I had asked her to say it all over again. Good luck in the Ozarks Julie, your kindness and professionalism will be missed” Jim Ball, Producer Smokey Barn News.

Smokey Barn News
Monday April 7, 2014

WH luncheon for Julie

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