White House Dollar Tree Closing Sparks Petition

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dollar tree in white house closing slider Smokey Barn News, Monday  February 3, 2014 

White House Dollar Tree Closing

Smokey received word that the Dollar Tree in White House located at
301 Richard Wilkes Rd is going to close its doors on April 19th.

tea ad 300Customers have been collecting signatures on a petition in hopes it will sway corporate executives to keep the store open. Dollar Tree management has  confirmed the store is closing. With hopes of keeping the store open there has even been talk of protesting the closing by some loyal customers. If you would like to sign the petition you may do so at the store.

Though they are not saying why the store is being closed it is unlikely that a petition or even a protest will have much of an effect on corporate decisions. A business is a business, if sales are good they stay, if not they try a new location, it’s just all part of the retail business world. We couldn’t find any precedence where a business had decided to stay open due to a strong response like petitions or protests from the community but it seems logical to assume that it must have happened at some point. Even if publicity on the closing did generate more business for the store, it would need to be sustained business,  retailers are run by statistics, especially the larger chain stores.

What do you think, should they stay? Here’s your chance to tell them why.

Jim Ball reporting

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