10 Year Old Boy Saves Family Home From Fire

10 Year Old Boy Saves Family Home From Fire

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – As they do every Christmas Eve, the Smith family on Yount Street in Ridgetop sits around a Christmas tree sipping eggnog and enjoying out of town family and friends, a tradition that almost didn’t happen this year because Wednesday, just three days before Christmas, their home caught fire.

That afternoon Mrs. Smith had to leave the house for an appointment. Her son Dagen who’s 10 and a 5th grader at Watauga Elementary, called to ask if he could spend the night at a friend’s house down the street. “I told him he had to come home and feed and water the animals, grab clothes, deodorant and his tooth brush and he could stay. He literally parked his bike under the street light and was going in the house as I was buckling up and backing out of the driveway”, Mrs Smith said.

Mr Tom piano 300Within minutes after arriving at her destination Mrs. Smith’s phone started to ring. She ignored the calls because she was talking business. Then she saw her immediate neighbor was calling and thought something had to be up. “She was yelling ‘where are you at?! you have to come home NOW!  your house is on fire and there are cops and fire trucks and EMT’s everywhere!’

Then the neighbor said her son Dagen was okay but in an ambulance. “I just about had a heart attack, I went running saying- we had to go, that the house was on fire.”

On the way home Mrs. Smith called 911 to ask about her son Dagen, Dagen was fine they said, the house….unsure- but the fire was contained.

“I finally made it home (in record time with my emergency lights flashing) I parked in the middle of the road which was full of 2 fire trucks, an ambulance and an undetermined amount of vehicles from various volunteer fire fighters.

“Found Dagen, he was fine. He said “Me and Cody are heroes! I put the fire out with a coke bottle. Please don’t be mad, I had to pour it out to fill it up with water and I tracked some mud in the house and spilled your kick start.”

“Apparently within the 3 minutes after I left, My son’s friend Cody went to go out the door and noticed something orange flickering in the utility room out in the carport. He hollered at Dagen” ‘Hey Dagen, is there supposed to be something on fire in here?’ Dagen jerks the door open, yells to Cody to go get his mom 10 houses away….to which Cody runs…in his cowboy boots to his house and tells his mom ‘Dagen’s house is on fire.’

Meanwhile “Dagen rips out the dog cages, (dogs were in the back yard) and runs inside, proceeds to think SO quickly to empty a 2 liter and fill it with water and put out what he could tell was on fire.
“My house could have literally burnt to the ground. I could have nothing, not this computer I’m typing on, none of my children’s memories, no clothing, no Christmas presents (that are all wrapped and under the tree) no food….nothing. If Dagen and Cody had not been quick enough to react the way they did. I mean, what 10 year old thinks to empty a 2 liter and fill it with water to put out an electrical fire?

“My son is a hero and I have more than a Christmas miracle. I’m so lucky….WE are so lucky that this wasn’t catastrophic.”

Firefighters told Mrs. Smith that if Dagen and his friend Cody hadn’t been where they were at the time, 5 minutes later the fire would have made its way through the ceiling and extended into the house.”

According to Mrs. Smith, Ridgetop Fire Chief  Tony Reasoner told the Smith’s that he thinks it was an old fountain water pump or an old handheld car vacuum with bad wiring sitting on the shelf that was the culprit.
“Thank you to the EMT’s that checked on Dagen and ALL of the Volunteer fire fighters who came to the rescue to make sure that my home was safe and my child was safe, I am eternally grateful. We are safe, our home is safe and I am eternally grateful for everything happening exactly the way it did. Miracles do happen people, Big and small,” Mrs Smith said.
Firefighters from Ridgetop, White House Community Volunteer and Greenbrier all responded to the call.

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