20 Meth Labs Discovered at Millersville Home Monday, 2 In Custody

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20 Meth Labs Discovered at Millersville Home Monday, 2 In Custody

MILLERSVILLE TENNESSEE (Smokey Barn News) An investigation led Millersville police to a home located at 7745 Bethel Rd where they say twenty discarded bottle type or shake and bake meth labs were discovered behind the property.

Mr Tom piano 300Police say the meth labs were all found in a wooded area behind the home. “Some of the containers were tossed in a ravine and others were buried,” said Detective Dustin Carr with the Millersville Police Dept.

Carr said that a very thorough search of the property was conducted to be sure all the labs were located. “Is there a possibility that there are more labs buried that we didn’t find, yes, however I feel we found all of them.”

Detective Carr told Smokey Barn News that the meth lab production had been going on for about six months at this location but there was no evidence that any of the labs imagejpeg_0were used inside the home so the home and the property has not been quarantined. The Methamphetamine Task Force came out to the home and were in charge of the clean up, removal and disposal of the Meth lab equipment from the property.

Two suspects were taken into custody and charged with Production of Methamphetamine manufacturing. They are identified as Robert Lee Warner, 30, of Millersville and his girlfriend, Jessica Ann Goostree, 39, also of Millersville.

Once detectives executed the search warrant of the home they noticed “numerous tools” that were associated with a burglary at 31W Insulation last week.   Detective Carr just happened to be familiar with the stolen property and noticed the tools. “I walked in and saw them and said, hey, that’s from my burglary,” Carr Said.

Robert Warner is currently being held in the Sumner County Jail on a $100,000 bond for two counts of Promotion of Meth manufacturing. Jessica Goosetree has one count of Promotion of meth manufacturing and is being held on a $75,000 bond, according to Sumner County jail officials.

This is the second Meth-lab related arrest Millersville Police have made in less then a week.

Last week a Millersville Police investigation led detectives to a Meth Lab operating out of a home on Flat Ridge Rd. Once inside the home detectives discovered two active Meth labs. (Full story)

Millersville Police Chief David Hindman with the support of  the Millersville City Manager Caryn Miller, myself and other members of the criminal investigation division have discussed the long and short term illegal drug use in Millersville and our goal is to eliminate as much of it as possible, that’s why we are really focusing our efforts on drug enforcement here in the city.” Detective Dustin Carr Millersville Police Dept.


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