Accident at 3746 Hwy 49W in Springfield Around Noon Near Coopertown Elementary

Accident at 3746 Hwy 49W in Springfield around Noon. Road is shut down at the moment. Traffic is backed up about half of mile in both directions near Coopertown Elementary.  There were 3 occupants in the Red SUV and 2 occupants in the black SUV. Emergency Responders performed extrication on the black SUV. A total of four people were taken to Northcrest and One to Vanderbilt.

The accident is still under investigation but one person at the scene told Smokey that the driver of the darker SUV swerved to miss debris in the road and over corrected. The driver then lost control, spun completely around and ended up in the opposite lane and was rear-ended by the red SUV.

Stay tuned for updates as we get them.