Accident Caught On Dash Cam In Springfield

 Accident Caught On Dash Cam In Springfield

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) –  Heading towards Springfield on Hwy 41, a driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed. The call came into 911 at 8:46 p.m. Thursday evening. The vehicle landed on the rail-road tracks after impact and the vehicle’s airbags did deploy.

The accident occurred when the driver attempted a right turn from Hwy 41 onto Experiment Station Rd. As the driver negotiated the turn he lost control and crashed into the railroad track embankment. (Location of accident)

A Smokey Barn News Film crew just happened to be behind the car and witnessed the wreck. A Smokey Barn News dash-cam captured the wreck. As soon as our crew saw the accident our team pulled over to assist the driver.

As our reporter approached the vehicle, the driver (a young male) was getting out of the car. He seemed uninjured but since the vehicles airbags did deploy and the car was smoking our reporter recommended dispatch send a medic.

Since the car was partially on the tracks, CSX Railroad was notified that the track was blocked.

Smokey works hard to keep you up to date on road conditions and accidents so we cover a lot of wrecks. This is the first time our team caught one live.

We are glad the young man was not seriously injured, though he will likely be sore tomorrow, we were just happy to be there to help.

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