Adams and Springfield Affected By Power Outages

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Adams and Springfield Affected By Power Outages

About 370 CEMC customers in Adams and an unknown number of customers in Springfield near Lahr Rd are without power this evening.

CEMC told Smokey Barn News that they do not know what is causing the outage in Adams but a crew is in route. The number of Adams customers without power has grown from about 12 at 9:p.m. to about 160 by 9:15 p.m. and then 370 by 9:20 p.m..

In Springfield the power outage seems to cover an area around NorthCrest Medical Center​. The cause seems to be a transformer that was reported to be “arcing” on Lahr rd.

We don’t believe the two outages are related. .

Do you have power? If not please specify your general location and how long you have been without power.

UPDATE: Power in Springfield and Adams has been restored.