Bikes Rescued From Landfill, Restored For Gifts To Kids In Need

Bikes Rescued From Landfill, Restored For Gifts To Kids In Need

Bikes Rescued From Landfill, Restored For Gifts To Kids In Need

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Destined for the big bike shop in the sky, these bicycles were recently rescued from a local landfill. Sitting in the dump with nothing but memories of the children that once loved them, the bikes had little hope that they would ever be ridden again. But then in-steps the loving hands of the crew at the Epic Bike Shop in Springfield Tennessee. They will refresh, test, and tune until the bikes are once again ready for the road, with the only evidence of their previous lives, a few dings and scratches. Once the bikes have passed the strictest riding standards, they are quite literally donated to local children that might not otherwise own a bike.


For a child to not have a bicycle is more than Epic Bike Shop founder Daniel Mosser can bare. Mosser has loved all things bikes since he was a boy and now covers the gamut with custom-built e-Bikes, gas-powered bikes, and of course, human-powered bikes too. For Mosser and his team, knowing all those bikes are just sitting at the dump while many children go without bikes is nothing more than madness. So he and his crew grab the bikes, refurbish them and then donate them to local children.

“We believe that the secret to living is giving, It’s our joy to rescue these bikes from the dump and give them freely to unfortunate kids,” said Epic Bike Shop founder Daniel Mosser.  “Our friend David Luth (pictured) gets them from the dump monthly and we refurbish them, and give them away year round.”

Do you know anyone that needs a bike or do you have a bike you would like to donate to the cause? Call 615-881-2798 “It’s our joy to help!”

Find out more the Epic Bike Shop their website is Or you can find them on Facebook HERE

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