City/County Mayors PRESS CONFERENCE: Springfield Closes Park Playgrounds & Pavilions

City/County Mayors PRESS CONFERENCE: Springfield Closes Park Playgrounds & Pavilions

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Robertson County Mayor Billy Vogle, Springfield Mayor Ann Schneider and Robertson County EMA Deputy Director Amanda Porter talk with Smokey Barn News on changes and updates.

Springfield Mayor Ann Schneider announced that (for the “safety of our citizens” all Springfield Parks will be closing the playgrounds and park pavilions starting a 1 pm Friday. The tennis courts and dog parks will remain open unless social distancing becomes an issue.

Mayor Schneider talks about the city’s Emergency Declaration and what it does for the citizens. Schneider added that citizens should be wary of rumors and check your source. Schneider added that the 7pm curfew for Robertson County was a rumor. FULL STORY

Mayor Billy Vogle addresses the difference between State and County declarations of emergency and their separate authority relating to enforcement. Vogle told Smokey Barn News in Friday’s news conference (above) that Governor Lees’s intent is NOT to put people in jail and close businesses but simply encourage citizens to follow the guidelines of 6 feet distance, no more than 10 people together and practice hand washing.

Vogle said that he, Governor Lee and other Mayors are getting hit with many calls that seem to spark from miss information. Vogle says to check the facts before you let a FB post scare you. Vogle added that his staff is working very hard to keep county businesses going.

EMA Deputy Director Amanda Porter talks about the acquisition of PPE “Personal Protective Equipment” such as masks, gloves, and face shields.  Porter said her agency has placed orders for about 30,000 different types of PPE equipment, to date they have received 6,000. The equipment will go to the Health Department, hospitals, emergency services and other county departments.

For information on closures and local alerts CLICK HERE