Coopertown Road Work: How To Avoid The Mess

Coopertown Road Work: How To Avoid The Mess

Coopertown Road Work: How To Avoid The Mess

COOPERTOWN TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Coopertown’s repaving program is about to kick into high gear. Below is a list of the roads and dates for the repaving that will be completed this year.

Total distance to be improved: 2.1 miles. Note: This is the same distance that was completed in 2018. According to Mayor Glen Guyor, it took (2) years of property taxes to fund the project.

Areas to be improved.

1) Battle Creek Rd – 3/10 mile – near 2045 Battle Creek Rd to near 2106 Battle Creek Rd
2) Martins Chapel Rd – 5/10 mile – near 3629 Martins Chapel Rd to near 2227 Battle Creek Rd
3) Martins Chapel Church Rd – 4/10 mile – near 1651 Martins Chapel Church Rd to near 1699 Martins Chapel Church Rd
4) Martins Chapel Church Rd – 9/10 mile – near 1791 Martins Chapel Church Rd to near 2021 Martins Chapel Church Rd

This year, with the increase in property tax due to the increase in assessment values and an uptick in fuel tax thanks to the Lowe’s Fulfillment Center, Coopertown will be able to repave 2.1+ miles year after year. With 60 miles of roads to address, city officials are asking for patience from citizens as the work progresses.

Engineers will start the work by keying (BUMP AREAS) of the road (8) in total on the beginning and end of the roads being repaved. The keying is a normal process to allow the repaving height to match or blend the existing road height when the job is completed. This work will begin on Saturday, April 27, 2019, at 7:00 am.

The 2019 Town of Coopertown’s paving project will cost $236,869.80. The combination of the fuel sales tax and property tax revenue stream is $285,754.

Repaving will start on Monday, April 29, 2019. So to keep tar off your car, please avoid this area the rest of this week.

See the highlighted streets on the maps below to better understand the repaving project this year. Below the maps, you will find a pie chart showing revenue sources for the repaving project.

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