Drones For Christmas? Some Words Of Wisdom

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12 Top (Cheap) Drones to Buy for Christmas

ROBERTSON COUNTY: (Smokey Barn News)- If you are in the market for a drone as a Christmas gift, consider some words of wisdom from local Robertson County resident Will Jones and some info on some of the better drones available on the market this year all under $100!

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By Will Jones

If you are thinking of buying a drone as a Christmas and you’ve never flown a quad-copter before, there’s a little secret I should let you in on. You will crash!

Knowing this fact, the best thing to buy (if you are new to this hobby) is a cheap drone first to see if you will like it. If you buy an expensive drone and it flies away, you will be sorry you didn’t buy a cheaper one to learn on.

I have listed a dozen of the more popular drones that are available now. This will change within a few months I am sure. The more expensive they are the easier it is to fly in my experience. But these smaller ones can be flown in the house.

The next step would be to take it outdoors on a windless day and stay away from any trees or buildings. The main thing is to have fun and keep it safe.

31981101_sDon’t worry if your drone has a camera right now, learn to fly first and think about cameras after you get the flying part down. Be sure and check your home owners policy to see if you are covered in case you fly through a window or car! If not, there is model aircraft insurance such as AMA (American Modeler Asso.) that cover these things.

Below is a list of drones that are under $100.00 have fun…

1. UDI U818A-1 Discovery $99.95 2. Heli Max 1SQV – Cam $99.95 3. Hubsan X4 (H107) $89.95 4. Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider $89.95 5. USA Toyz UX5C $79.95 6. Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter $79.95 7. USA Toyz F180+ $69.95 8. JJRC H8C $54.95 9. SYMA X5C $39.95 10. DM007 $34.95 11. Eachine X6 Hexacopter $29.95 12. Hubsan H111 Nano Drone $29.95

Want To Learn More? Flying tips, parts, mounts & cameras…

Smokey Barn News ran an editorial written by Jones back in February called;”So You’re Thinking About Getting A Drone” It’s an interesting read.

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