East Robertson Indians Prevail Over Forrest Rockets 50-38

In a jam packed arena, the stage was set for these two teams to square off…

Smokey Barn News, Tuesday February  25, 2014 Cross Plains, Tenn.

East Robertson Indians Prevail Over Forrest Rockets 50-38 


It was a game to be remembered… The East Robertson Indians and Forrest High School Rockets faced off in the Semi Round of the R5A tournament. A sub state game berth was on the line, so both teams left everything out on the court. East Robertson pulled away at the end and won the game 50-38. (SEE SLID SHOW BELOW)


In a jam packed arena Tuesday the stage was set for two great teams to square off. The fans made the atmosphere of the game ecstatic. It was so packed that is was difficult to even walk around without bumping into someone. Fans showing up like that can be a huge advantage to a team. It helps the team build momentum and generate emotion that can increase their play. The fans certainly helped the East Robertson Indians in this game. Right out from the gates East Robertson came out firing. They chucked up multiple three pointer shots and converted six of them in the first quarter alone. When the end of the first quarter arrived, East Robertson established an 18-7 lead.

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The rest of the game was almost a completely different story. From the second quarter to midway of the fourth, Coach Davy McClaran and the Forrest Rockets increased their defensive pressure and severely strained the Indians offensive strike. By the end of the third quarter, Forrest was making a comeback. They started to find their rhythm as multiple rockets scored baskets and closed East Robertson’s lead 28-21.


Then the fourth quarter came along and it did not fail to impress. Both teams found their shooting touch as multiple players for both teams drained threes and it turned the arena into complete bedlam! Fans were literally jumping out of their seats cheering their teams  in hopes for a victory. The East Robertson fans cheering helped spark the Indians as they started to find a rhythm. East Robertson’s Marquece Bell made some huge baskets to give his team just enough of a lead to cause the Forrest Rockets to foul and stop the game clock.

The Rockets’ attempted to close the score gap while saving time on the clock was botched. When 1:05 remained left in the game, East Robertson extended its lead to 48-35 after Marshall Wix, Marquece Bell and Lane Murphy made clutch free throws to put the game out of reach. The Indians prevailed over the Rockets 50-38. Coach Neil Murphy and the East Robertson Indians look to continue to have momentum as they are scheduled to play Lead Academy at East Robertson at 7:00 pm on Thursday, Feb. 26th for the R5A Championship. (See roster and score totals Below Slide Show)

James O’Saile reporting
Smokey Barn News


Forrest High School roster and score totals:

No.0 Kennedy Mathis, 5 points.
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No.4 Jesse Pruitt

No.10 Austin Briley

No.14 Ty Hoeft, 3 points.

No.20 Jacob Jones

No. 22 Colton Cook

No.24 Will Edmondson, 8 points.

No.30 Jacob Daughrity, 11 points.

No.32 Blake Leonard, 5 points.

No.34 Caleb Hogan

No.40 Tanner Robertson

No.42 Lucas Pruitt, 6 points.

No.52 Jake Townsend

East Robertson roster and score totals:

No.1 Marshall Wix, 14 points.

No. 2 Clay Massie

No.3 Marquece Bell, 15  points.

No.4 Isaac Howeth

No.10 Rob Patterson

No.15 Seth Stroud, 4 points.

No.20 Lane Eden, 9 points.

No.21 B.J. Vaughn

No.23 Lane Murphy, 8 points.
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No.31 Blake Smith

No.32 Logan Seay, 3 points.

No.40 Matthew Wix

No. 24 Jimmy McNeil

No.11 Hunter Keen