Fly-In Eat & Wash And A Look At A Recent Plane Crash

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Smokey Barn News,  Saturday May 11th 2013

The Civil Air Patrol had a fly-in/plane wash and breakfast at the Robertson County Airport on Saturday May 11th 2013. We also get a look at a recent plan crash that occurred at the airport a few weeks ago.   iPhone/iPad users click on photo(s) to play VIDEO

Below are some photographs of a recent accident that occurred at the Robertson County Airport back on March 23rd 2013. On landing the right wing connected with the runway. The pilot throttled up for another go around and lost control of the aircraft. The two pilots on board were not injured. 884506_10200183979974796_1439078741_o
892052_10200185374089648_1953218130_o 882078_10200185375409681_2009840106_o 882868_10200183981054823_6944208_o 883399_10200185375609686_2112678176_o885173_10200183980054798_1493124088_o 885862_10200183980174801_2042063970_o887233_10200177380969825_1381586067_o


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