Fool Me Twice, Armed Guard Shoots At Would-Be Burglar

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Wednesday April 16, 2014 
Springfield, Tenn.

Fool Me Twice, Armed Guard Shoots At Would-Be Burglar

The Rent A Center located at 2007 Memorial Blvd. in Springfield  has had several break-ins in recent weeks, three in fact. Apparently the burglar developed a taste for Rent A Center’s products.a 003 In those previous incidents, a burglar(s) broke a window, entered the store and escaped with loot. There is no way to know if the store was hit by the same burglar each time,  just like the burglar had no way to know that (this time) there was a surprise waiting on the inside. Local employees of the Rent A Center are being tight lipped about the incident so we don’t know exactly how long they have employed a security guard but the guard apparently was not present during the previous break-ins.

Hutch fall add 300This most recent and forth burglary occurred just before midnight on April 15. The suspect kicked and forced his way through the wood that was covering the window from previous burglaries.  However, this time, there was an armed security guard waiting on the inside.  When the suspect entered the store, he was confronted by the security guard. According to police, the suspect rushed at the security guard who responded with gun fire, multiple shots police say, missing the suspect each time.  The suspect then fled back out of the window on foot and disappeared into the night.

a 009According to Springfield Police Chief David Thompson, local hospitals were notified to be on the lookout for anyone coming in with gunshot wounds  because officials were not completely sure that the suspect hadn’t been shot.

According to police, there is no description of the suspect because he was wearing a mask. The suspect is still at large.

If you have any information about these burglaries please call Springfield police at  (615) 384-4911.

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