Greenbrier Fire Chief: What Owner Did To Help Save Home You Can Do Too

Greenbrier Fire Chief:

What Owner Did To Help Save Home You Can Do Too

GREENBRIER TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Once again local firefighters have saved a home from fire but according to Fire Captain Justin Hardway with the Greenbrier Fire Department, the homeowner played a part in saving the home too.

Firefighters from Greenbrier, White House Community and Ridgetop responded to the call on Hackney Rd around 11:pm Monday evening. Smoke was visible at the rear of the home when Firefighters arrived, according Captian Hardway.

It took Firefighters about 90 seconds to locate the source of the smoke Hardway said, it was coming from a utility room inside the home.

2 X 4’s in the wall had ignited but because the homeowner kept the door of the room closed, the fire was essentially choked off, Hardway said. Keeping that door closed likely saved their home.

Back on March 16th a Cottontown man smelled smoke inside his home, the smoke led him to a bathroom engulfed in flames. He quickly closed the door to the bathroom which slowed the progression of the fire buying precious time for firefighters to arrive. That home was also saved. FULL STORY 

Fire needs three things, oxygen, heat and fuel, according to Captian Hardway. The closed door took the oxygen out of the equation.

As far as a cause of the fire, Hardway told Smokey Barn News that he believes it was an electrical issue. There is some smoke and water damage but the home should be livable in a few days, Hardway said.

Greenbrier Fire Chief Kyle Hamill told Smokey Barn News that there is a push to get home owners to make a habit of keeping doors closed. If you smell smoke the best thing is to get out of the home but if you make a habit of keeping doors closed it could just save your home. Chief Hamill says for more info go to

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