Greenbrier Water Outage, Crews Working To Restore Service

We’re working on isolating the problem…………
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Smokey Barn News
Friday January 12, 2015
Greengrier, Robertson County, Tenn.

Greenbrier Water Outage, Crews Working To Restore Service


14225515_sGreenbrier water officials are currently looking for a possible water-main break.

Reports have been coming in about low water pressure near the Hyegia Dr area. (General Break Area) We do not know how large the affected area is but officials believe that it is contained to the Hyegia area.

Crews are out searching but have not isolated the break.  “We are working on isolating the problem and will restore pressure as soon as possible”

Springfield has had several breaks over the past few days  and there have likely been other breaks around the county. According to water officials, freezing temperatures cause the ground to expand.  Later, as temperatures climb, the ground will compress back. This type of movement in the ground is what can damage underground pipes.


The source on the low water pressure has been located. According to Greenbrier officials, there were no issues with the Greenbrier water system. The low pressure was caused by a leak in Springfield.

Springfield has been dealing with several water main breaks over the last few days and Greenbrier receives it’s water from Springfield. If there is a drop in pressure in Springfield it could affect water pressure in Greenbrier.

Water main break in Springfield

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