Harley Eating Experiment Station Rd Crossing Pothole Returns

Harley Eating Experiment Station Rd Crossing Pothole Returns


SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) Back on September 17th, a Robertson County man lost his Harley Davidson Motorcycle and almost lost his life after the bike became hopelessly stuck in a pothole at the Experiment Station Rd Rail Road Crossing. MAP

The rider, Larry Nale,  jumped off the bike seconds before it was struck by an oncoming train. As you can see in Smokey’s video report below, the bike was demolished. Crews from CSX responded quickly and repaired the hole, now the pothole has returned.

The repair lasted about 6 weeks before citizens started calling Smokey Barn News to report that the pothole had returned. The concern from citizens is that someone, their car or another motorcyclist could get stuck or damaged there again.

As you can see in the photos taken by Smokey Barn News today, the pothole is just as bad as it was originally.

There’s no word on why the repair work lasted such a short time but the danger to drivers and their vehicles is real. Smokey Barn News has reached out to CSX and showed them our photos. They will likely repair the pothole quickly but in the meantime, if you are driving a small passenger car or a motorcycle, be careful at the Experiment Station Rd crossing.

The Nale family told Smokey Barn News that they were satisfied with the way they were treated by CSX following the crash but find it “unbelievable” that the pothole has returned.

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UPDATE 11/9/17:

Less than 24 hours after our report, CSX has repaired the pothole.


Train VS Harley Davidson Crash A Close Call For Rider

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Larry Nale was riding his brand new 2017 Harley Davidson Motorcycle when his rear wheel became hopelessly lodged in a hole in the middle of the railroad tracks. To make matters worse, a train was barreling down the tracks right at him.

Try as he may, Nale just couldn’t get the bike free. That’s when Leah Stuart, who was in the vehicle behind him, jumped out of her car in high-heels and tried to help. She screamed for Nale to leave the bike and run, Nale finally complied and 6 seconds later the train crashed into the bike.

The crash occurred at the Experiment Station Road crossing around 7:30pm Saturday evening as Nale was turning off Hwy 41. Location of crash.

After impact, the bike was dragged over a mile before finally coming to a stop leaving bits of the bike all along the tracks.

Springfield Police and CSX representatives responded to the crash and, according to Nale, were very helpful and kind to him.

Larry Nale is the husband of Kathy Casey-Nale. Kathy is the mother of Jennifer and Adrianna Wix who went missing in 2004 and were never found. In 2013 the case was reclassified as murder and the investigation is still ongoing. FULL STORY

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