Hwy 41 Drive-by Shooting Hits Home/Cars Tuesday Afternoon

Hwy 41 Drive-by Shooting Hits Home/Cars Tuesday Afternoon

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – On Tuesday afternoon a Springfield family was in their backyard when they heard what sounded like gunfire. They ran to the front of the house to learn that it was in fact gunfire and the apparent target was their home. Around that same time, on the same stretch of Hwy 41, another vehicle was hit by gunfire, and according to police, the round came close to hitting the driver.

The family, that asked to be kept private, told Smokey Barn News that they are hoping that someone in the community can help the police identify the shooter(s).

The incident occurred around 2:45 pm Tuesday afternoon. The home is located on Hwy 41 near the Son’s Put & Drive which sits between Springfield and Greenbrier. MAP The family had just returned from a neighbor’s home and were in their backyard when they heard three shots ring out.

After hearing the shots, the family quickly ran to the front and saw what looked like a white pickup truck in the right lane, a green SUV in the left lane and a third vehicle they could not identify, all heading towards Greenbrier.

There were no squealing tires or revving engines, just what appeared to be normal traffic on Hwy 41. According to Springfield Police, based on evidence at the scene, the shots likely came from a 22. caliber weapon.

Of the three shots fired, two hit the home and the third hit the family’s vehicle. One round went through the front window and lodged in a living room wall. The second round hit the brick siding of the home and the third hit the drivers-side window of their vehicle that was parked in front of the home.

Several hours later an elderly gentleman showed up at the police station in Springfield looking to obtain a police report regarding damage to his vehicle. The rear window on the driver’s side had been shattered. The gentleman apparently needed the report for his insurance company, police said.

The gentleman told police that he thought the damage might have been caused by a rock on the roadway but as police inspected his vehicle they discovered that the damage was actually caused by a small caliber bullet.

Detective Chuck Consiglio with the Springfield Police Department told Smokey Barn News that he was able to extract a fragment of the round from the vehicle. The detective said the round came from a small caliber bullet which he identified as likely a 22. caliber round. The round hit the passenger-side bottom corner of the window.  The bullet shattered the glass but the round fragment was trapped in the trim, Consiglio said.

After learning that the damage was caused by a bullet, the gentleman said he had stopped on Hwy 41 South around 2:45 pm to make a phone call when he heard what sounded like a vehicle backfire.  It was also around the same time, at 2:45 pm, when the shots hit the home on the same stretch of Hwy 41. That coincidence has led police to believe that he may be a second victim in what is looking like a short random shooting spree. Police also said the gentleman was inside the vehicle when he heard the loud bang that he thought sounded like a backfire.

Whether the shootings are random or if the gentleman just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time will be up to police to determine. Consiglio also said he’s not completely sure what direction the shooter was heading on Hwy 41.

Detective Consiglio said he is working on a few leads but he is still reaching out to the community for help. If you were traveling on Hwy 41 between Springfield and Greenbrier on Tuesday around 2:45 pm, or if you live in that area and remember seeing or hearing anything,  Detective Consiglio would like to hear from you. (615) 384-8422.

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