In Kid News: 4th, 5th & 6th Graders Attending Jo Byrns Elementary School

In Kid News:

This News Brief  is Just For 4th, 5th & 6th Graders Attending Jo Byrns Elementary School located at 6399 Hwy 41 North in Cedar Hill.

Jo Byrns High

Congratulations (if you are now in the 5th grade and attending Jo Byrns Elementary School) next year you will not only be going into the 6th grade but you will also be going to a new school. In an effort to fall into alignment with other schools in the county, starting next year 6th grade students will be  moved up to middle school. In this case Jo Byrns High School is both a middle school and a high school but they call it a high school.

This means Jo Byrns Elementary will now only go up to the 5th grade. So if you are now in the 4th grade at Jo Byrns Elementary, you will be the top dogs next year. If you are now in the 5th Grade attending Jo Byrns Elementary you will have the excitement of a whole new school with a new Gym, library and teachers and you get to say you’re in High School! If you are presently in the 6th grade, it means that you are heading into High School one grade above the lowest. This is a one time chance in history for you 6th graders to get to move up to a new school without starting out in the lowest grade. It also means that whether you are in the 5th or 6th grade, you will have more friends following you over to the new school. It should make the transition a little easier, assuming you 5th and 6th graders can work together as a team.

Did you know adults get scared too? If going to a new school seems scary to you that’s perfectly normal. Everyone gets scared going to a new school, your parents did, it’s part of becoming an adult. Just ask your mom and dad if they got nervous starting a new school. We all go through it, It doesn’t stop after you finish school either, ask your parents if starting a new job ever made them nervous, it’s just a fact of life. If you would like to make your transition as easy as possible remember these two things. First, avoid acting like you are in charge of the world in your first few weeks at your new school, and remember, even if they don’t seem scared, almost everyone (yes even the teachers) will be a little nervous in the first week of school. Oh and don’t let those seniors scare you, they’ll be a little nervous too, just pretend you don’t know.

The source for this report was Robertson County Schools Communications Coordinator Jim Bellis.

Jim Ball reporting

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