Local Company Builds (Water Cooled) Gaming Computers

Local Company Builds (Water Cooled) Gaming Computers


A local firm in Springfield TN CT&T Computer Service Center is now offering water cooled gaming computers. High end gaming computers are very popular and the Computer Service Center is going after those customers that love the sport. We say sport because gaming today can be quite physical.

The owner Andy White has been in the computer business since he was just a wee lad. His father ran the business before him so Andy started helping out very early. Now he’s taking the business to the next level by offering very high end gaming computers.

Seems a tad strange to see a water filled  radiator on a computer, but with the clocking speeds this system produces to keep up with the demands of the newer computer games it’s needed to dissipate the heat the processor makes.

Other than gaming systems, the Computer Service Center does computer repair and they offer a range of used computers for normal use at very reasonable prices.

I asked Andy what he plans to build next and (with expression only a mad scientist could make) he said “That’s proprietary”  then he  smiled just a little.


The Computer Service Center is located at 204 8Th Ave E, Springfield, TN. (615) 667-1878


Jim Ball reporting Sep. 27, 2012