Logan County Humane Society In Bind After Inmate Escape

Logan County Humane Society In Bind After Inmate Escape

LOGAN COUNTY KENTUCKY: (Smokey Barn News) – On September 10th Logan County inmate Kenneth Groark, on a work-release program, allegedly walked away from his job at the Logan County Humane Society. 

Kenneth Groark

Though Groark was eventually located, the incident made the detention center take a hard look at their work release program and have, at least for now, all but stopped the program at the animal shelter.

The inmates provided much-needed help at the shelter, according to the shelter Director Amanda Castile. The loss of assistance from the inmates has put the Logan County Humane Society in a bit of a bind and Castile is reaching out to the community for help.  

Castile says this is the busy season and they have over 100 animals with more expected. She’s looking for help with laundry, dish-washing, cleaning, feeding and watering etc.  Even if you only have a couple of hours to help out they would really appreciate it. They also need donations for those that can help financially. If you are looking for a dog or a cat, Castile says please come see what they have.

In the video below, Castile addresses the community with the situation and what you can do to help.

To reach out to the Logan County Humane Society on Facebook CLICK HERE. Or go to their website at www.LoganCoHumane.com How to donate CLICK HERE