Meth Cat Ready For New Home

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Greenbrier Mayor Billy Wilson told Smokey today that, “The cat rescued in Saturday’s Meth Lab raid has been classified as abandoned and will therefore be up for adoption” … after it’s been de’methafied of course. Wilson also said he was planning on waving the adoption fee for the feline. iPhone/iPad users click on photo(S) to play video

The cat is presently in the custody of animal control. Anyone
interested will be put through a mild screening process to be sure the
cat goes to a good home this time around.

If you would like to be the one to offer this cat a loving home then go by Greenbrier City Hall or the Greenbrier Police Department. You may also call the mayor Billy Wilson at 615-643-4361 if you have any further questions about the cat. The cat will go the first one to apply so don’t delay if you would like this loving cat for yourself.

It is a male cat and very well tempered. The cat will need to be neutered and an update on shots.

See Saturday’s report on the Meth Lab raid Below:

Smokey Barn News June 13,2013 

VIDEO: According to authorities (based on a tip) a meth lab was discovered at the Deerfield Inn located at 2027 U.S. 41 inGreenbrier, TN around 4:30 p.m.  iPhone/iPad users click on photo(S) to play video


Our local hazmat expert indicated it was a “shake and bake” type of  lab according to Greenbrier Fire Chief Billy Wilson. Earlier generation meth labs required hundreds of pseudo-ephedrine pills, containers heated over open flames and cans of flammable liquids. The cooking process created foul odors making the labs difficult to conceal. They often sparked explosions.

The shake and bake method requires only a few pseudo-ephedrine pills, circumventing laws passed restricting the sale of large quantities of over-the-counter decongestants, cold and allergy remedies.

IMG_9205The Deerfield Inn is a smaller hotel and therefore the entire facility was evacuated immediately. The lab operator was nowhere to be found when authorities arrived. The room used was on the back side of the hotel which offered an easy escape route through an apartment complex behind the Inn.

Guests were starting to back up  on the road outside the hotel but officials indicate (now that the chemicals have been removed) the room must now be “cleaned”. It could be several hours,  perhaps later in the evening before guests will be able to get back to their rooms. Another thing delaying things was the Hazmat cleaning crew (Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force) was coming in from Cookeville,  Wilson said.

One guest told Smokey that he was sound asleep when he was awoken to a bang on the door “We evacuating the hotel”. He didn’t even have a chance to grab his cell phone, he said.


A cat was also found in the room  hiding under a bed Wilson said.

Responding to the incident was the Greenbrier Police & Fire Departments, Robertson County Sheriff’s Office, Robertson County E.M.A, and Robertson County E.M.S.



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