RAW VIDEO: Train (Engine) Ignites In Springfield Friday Night

RAW VIDEO: Train (Engine) Ignites In Springfield Friday Night

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – A CSX train engine ignited as it made its way into Springfield Friday night causing a large fireball visible from more than a mile away.

Initially, the call was reported to 911 as a brush or woods fire before receiving a call from CSX that an engine was on fire. The train was tucked back in next to a row of trees between 17th Ave East and Bill Jones Industrial Dr behind BSC and Hail & Cotton. LOCATION OF FIRE Its location made it hard to tell what was on fire and where.

The first call came into 911 just before midnight but there was no direct access to the fire. Though the fire was visible from a considerable distance it took a minute to figure out where it was located.

Springfield Firefighters extinguished the fire rapidly and no injuries were reported. Assisting the Springfield Fire Department was the Robertson County Emergency Management Agency and Springfield Police.

CSX will likely have the train moved shortly, but several intersections may be blocked for a short time.

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