Renovated Springfield Theater Goes On The Market

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Renovated Springfield Theater Goes On The Market

Renovated Springfield Theater Goes On The Market

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – After spending thousands renovating the Springfield theater, Gary Bowie (a partner on the project) says COVID and family are pulling him in too many directions so he and the theater are parting ways.

The good news is, all the hard work has been done. Roof, electrical, heat, and AC have all been put to code ready for whoever or whatever anyone wanted to throw at the historic Springfield centerpiece.

Bowie says he’ll never get back all the money he poured into the building, he just needs to move on. The 22,000+ sq ft of commercial/entertainment space sitting at 718 S Main Street is listed for 1.2 mil but Bowie says there’s wiggle room there.  For broker specs online CLICK HERE. For a ground-level view with Google’s Street View CLICK HERE. Indoor pix have been added below.

Bowie had the building briefly on the market back in November of last year due to “unexpected setbacks” but now Bowie says life has just caught up to him. He’s sad to see the project end but that does not change the building’s potential, he just doesn’t have the time to manage the project anymore.

The Big Surprise…

After removing the drapes from the theater walls, the original artwork emerged. (See photos below) Witnessing it firsthand evoked a sense of stepping back in time. Bowie told Smokey Barn News that every effort was made to preserve as much of the theater’s original essence, charm, and historical significance as possible.

According to Bowie, he’s not a developer, “I’m a preservationist.” Bowie would rather reconstruct an old building from a pile of old bricks than build a brand-new structure. “Once the old buildings are gone, they are gone forever.”

Smokey Barn News will continue to monitor the progress as the theater finds its way to new owners, and though the overall project has stalled, the renovations will put the new owners way ahead of the game.


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