Robertson County Schools Say “No For Now” On Guns For Teachers

Robertson County Schools Say "No For Now" On Guns For Teachers

Robertson County Schools Say “No For Now” On Guns For Teachers

ROBERTSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – While the Tennessee State Legislature recently enacted a law allowing districts to authorize the arming of teachers, Robertson County Schools, under the leadership of Director Dr. Danny Weeks, has decided “at this time” not to facilitate arming teachers with guns.

According to the district, student and staff safety is at the forefront of their priorities, and the district has opted not to implement such measures. Instead, they will maintain a strong partnership with law enforcement agencies, including the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office, which provides trained School Resource Officers on each campus. The District says this decision reflects a commitment to a safe and secure learning environment without blurring the lines between education and law enforcement.

“I respect the decision of the Legislature and any School Superintendent that believes such legislation is best for their situation,” said Robertson County Schools Director Dr. Danny Weeks. “Student and staff safety remains our top priority in all we do in the district. We have an excellent relationship with the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office in Robertson County.

“Sheriff Van Dyke and his staff provide trained law enforcement officers who serve as School Resource Officers (SRO) on each of our campuses. We are thankful to the Sheriff’s Office and each of our municipal police departments who are partners with the school district to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our staff and students, and for always being ready to support our district’s needs whenever they arise.

“Additionally, we have regular communications with the Tennessee Highway Patrol who assist in protecting our campuses. Recently, we have established a relationship with the Department of Homeland Security, who has assigned a dedicated special agent to our region to assist with threats.

“Along with the relationships we enjoy with these partners, each of our campuses regularly reviews emergency and safety plans. We regularly practice the drills for emergency situations and adjust as needed. Though no measure can guarantee safety, we believe we are prepared with these and other measures in place.

“With these things in mind, I simply do not believe it is in any of our best interests in Robertson County to arm educators at this time. Our administrators, teachers, and staff have many responsibilities as we daily seek to provide the best education we can to our students. Our administration has extremely high expectations for all staff in providing that education. As Director of Schools, I do not see blurring the line between education and law enforcement.”

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