Robertson Mask Mandate Lifted As COVID Cases Decline And Vaccination Continues

Robertson Mask Mandate Lifted As COVID Cases Decline And Vaccination Continues

Robertson Mask Mandate Lifted As COVID Cases Decline And Vaccination Continues

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – According to officials in Robertson County, Mayor Billy Vogle will not be extending the county-wide COVID-19 mask mandate.

“After much consideration, and after speaking with our local health officials, I am removing our county-wide mask mandate,” said Robertson Mayor Billy Vogle. “Our community has worked so hard to get through this COVID-19 pandemic, wearing masks, socially distancing, and striving to be a better place, a safer place for our citizens, and it’s showing. We are accomplishing our goal.


“We are getting better and our numbers are not what they used to be. (SEE LATEST ROBERTSON COUNTY COVID-19 CASE Numbers) Our hospital is no longer struggling with an over-abundance of COVID patients. Our schools continue to operate while on a hybrid schedule, keeping our children safe and educated.

“Our health department has been working nonstop to get our most vulnerable folks vaccinated, and we are offering the vaccines to more priority groups quickly. We are now vaccinating 65 and older and our health department is working to get our county teacher’s vaccinated.

“This is how we stop COVID-19 and get back to our normal lives. I encourage everyone to sign up for a vaccination when it comes time for your group. If you need information on when you will be eligible, visit the Tennessee Department of Health’s website at There is a wealth of information regarding COVID-19 and vaccinations. To sign up for a vaccine, call 866-442-5301.


“We all have to trust each other to continue to keep ourselves safe – cleanliness, wearing masks and other precautions are how we move towards a future where the COVID-19 virus will not stop or hinder our community’s prosperity.

“But whether there is a county mask mandate in place or not does not mean businesses can’t require you to wear one in their establishment. That is their right. I will also require masks to be worn in the Robertson County Office Building and the Robertson County Courthouse.

“While I will not have a county-wide mandate, I continue to strongly encourage you to wear masks as a precaution when you cannot socially distance.”


“We are not finished with COVID-19, but we are, thankfully, moving past the worst of this pandemic. The light at the end of this traumatic and tragic part of our shared history is beginning to shine for us. We are getting there folks, so please continue to think of your neighbors and keep each other safe.

“If we should find that the virus is spiking again, I will monitor it, and we will do what we have to in order to fight it. So, please, let’s fight this together and keep the virus at bay.”

Thank you,
Billy Vogle
Robertson County Mayor

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