COVID-19 Daily Case Number Report (ROBERTSON)

COVID-19 Daily Case Number Report (ROBERTSON)


UPDATED DAILY… 5/31/2020


ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – MAY 31th: Robertson County reported (10) new case of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, putting the county’s total at 475, and (3) reported death, according to the latest numbers from the Tennessee Department of Health.

We have two reported COVID-19 related death reports from an assisted living center in Springfield, however, those numbers have not fully propagated to the Tennessee Department Of Health. As of May 24, the TDH is reporting one COVID-19 related death.

The confirmed COVID-19 case count for Tennessee is now 23,006 as of May 31, 2020, including 364 deaths, 1,750 hospitalizations and 15,300 recovered. (Robertson 251 recovered)  Extended data. See data charts below.

As of May 26th, Northcrest Medical Center is treating 5 positive COVID-19 patients with (5) patients waiting for test results. One patent remains on a ventilator but showed dramatic improvement over the weekend.

UPDATE: Robertson Health Dept. COVID-19 Testing Location To Change

The Robertson County Health Department has announced that effective Monday 06/01 COVID -19 Testing will be done on-site at the Robertson County Health Department located at 800 South Brown Street. MAP

The new testing hours will be Monday through Friday 9:00 am-1:00 pm. Please look for signage.

Testing hours for COVID-19 runs from 9 am to 3 pm Monday – Friday at the Robertson County Fairgrounds.

March 18 (1 reported case)

March 19 (2 reported cases)

March 20 (2 reported cases) No new cases

March 21 (2 reported cases) No new cases

March 22 (3 reported cases)

March 23 (6 reported cases)

March 24 (12 reported cases)

March 25 (15 reported cases)

March 26 (20 reported cases)

March 27 (22 reported cases)

March 28 (23 reported cases)

March 29 (25 reported cases)

March 30 (27 reported cases)

March 31 (28 reported cases)

April 1st (35 reported cases)

April 2nd (41 reported cases)

April 3rd (51 reported cases)

April  4th (51 reported cases) No new cases

April 5th (59 reported cases)

April 6th (60 reported cases)

April 7th (65 reported cases)

April 8th (67 reported cases)  

April 9th (70 reported cases)  

April 10th (73 reported cases)

April 11th (81 reported cases)

April 12th (84 reported cases)

April 13th (88 reported cases)

April 14th (92 reported cases)

April 15th (94 reported cases)

April 16th (95 reported cases)

April 17th (105 reported cases) 

April 18th (105 reported cases) No new cases

April 19th (113 reported cases) 

April 20th (116 reported cases) 

April 21st (117 reported cases) 

April 22nd (123 reported cases) 

April 22nd (125 reported cases) 

April 23rd (125 reported cases) No new cases

April 24th (125 reported cases) No new cases

April 25th (127 reported cases) 

April 26th (136 reported cases) 

April 27th (138 reported cases) 

April 28th (139 reported cases) 

April 29th (139 reported cases) ( No new cases)

April 30th (148 reported cases)

May  1st    (157 reported cases)

May  2nd  (168 reported cases)

May  3rd  (179 reported cases)

May  4th  (184 reported cases)

May  5th  (185 reported cases)

May  6th  (186 reported cases)

May  7th  (195 reported cases)

May  8th  (207 reported cases)

May  9th  (219 reported cases)

May 10th  (218 reported cases) No new cases NOTE: Tennessee Depart. Of Health makes one digit correction from May 9th numbers.

May  11th  (220 reported cases)

May  12th  (244 reported cases) 

May  13th  (245 reported cases) 

May  14th  (250 reported cases) 

May  15th  (263 reported cases) 

May  16th  (274 reported cases) 

May  17th  (274 reported cases)  ( No new cases)

May  18th  (294 reported cases) 

May  19th  (298 reported cases) 

May  20th  (301 reported cases)

May  21st  (317 reported cases) 

May  22nd  (335 reported cases) 

May  23rd  (360 reported cases)

May  24th  (371 reported cases) 

May  25th  (389 reported cases)

May  26th  (414 reported cases) 

May  27th  (426 reported cases)

May  28th  (441 reported cases) 

May  29th  (449 reported cases) 

May  30th  (465 reported cases) 

May  31th  (475 reported cases) NEW

For more detailed information from the Tennessee Department of Health of Robertson County -> CLICK HERE


PHOTO LEFT: “After a long, hard road to recovery from COVID-19, NorthCrest staff was thrilled to celebrate a very special patient upon discharge!” (CLICK PHOTO TO PLAY VIDEO ON FB) “Watch as our staff gives him a proper send-off as he leaves the hospital, and he is able to hug his spouse.” Northcrest Medical Center


Robertson County Gets D- On Social Distancing (Based On Cell Data)

The TDOH has added ethnicity and gender to their data reports, see charts below–> (UPDATED DAILY)

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According to the CDC, some people will have no symptoms but still transmit the virus. This could suggest that the number of cases in Robertson County could be higher than the official recorded cases. There are still many unknowns with this virus. All we know for sure is it is easily transmitted from person to person, and it can kill. That is why our local leaders all the way up to the President and the CDC are promoting social distancing and hand washing.

In addition, the CDC is now strongly recommending wearing some kind of mask when out in public.

An important message from the Tennessee Department of Health

We all have to work together to stop the spread of COVID-19. Feeling the need to leave home? Ask yourself if that trip is REALLY essential.

Please remember to practice physical distancing. Do your part. Stay apart.

Have questions? Call the Public Information Line at (833) 556-2476. #COVID19

NOTE: COVID-19 testing runs from 9 am till 3pm Monday through Friday (for people with symptoms only) at the Robertson County Fairgrounds in Springfield.

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Robertson County Gets D- On Social Distancing (Based On Cell Data)

Springfield Locking Down Parks, Keeping Greenway/Golf Course OPEN