Letter To the Editor: Seniors, The Face Behind The Mask

Letter To the Editor: Seniors, The Face Behind The Mask

Letter To the Editor: Seniors, The Face Behind The Mask

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE (Smokey Barn News) – Over the past few months, Smokey Barn News has spoken to many people across the board on the subject of COVID-19. Some say the virus “whatever it is” has been hijacked by politicians to promote a political agenda. Others say; look at the numbers, there’s no pandemic.

People in the medical field tell us the virus is real and can kill. Younger folks have told us, I’m young, it won’t affect me, older folks see it all very differentially. They are seeing their friends die.

After speaking to many folks in Robertson County, we felt this Letter-To-The-Editor sums up what we have been hearing from our older residents. The author of the letter has asked to be anonymous but for perspective, the writer is 83 and was born in Robertson County.

If you are out and about and you see an older citizen, the following letter reflects what they have told us what they would like to say to you.


Letter to the Editor

Where are the Tennessee volunteers?

“I am not a writer or journalist and writing the only letter to the editor I will ever write. I am greatly disturbed by the apathetic disregard to the greatest healthcare risk facing our country since 1918, to the issues of face masks and social gatherings.

“How are we going to teach our children responsible behavior regarding drugs, alcohol and choosing safety over instant gratification when they see us behave irresponsibly toward this pandemic. Our children and grandchildren know what we need to do as a society and they are watching us.

“We all have been taught the golden rule ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ When we avoid large gatherings, where a face mask and social distance, we are preventing the spread of Covid to others as well as protecting ourselves and loved ones.

“When we are ill, we go to our physician and follow his advice, taking prescribed medicine, tests ordered etc. why then do we now decide not to follow the advice collectively of the medical community?

“We obey such laws and ordinances such as non-smoking areas, no shoes, no shirt, no service, speed limits, seatbelts and many more. I find it so difficult to understand the resistance to face masks and gatherings.

“I know this is a free country and we are allowed to make our own decisions on certain issues but it should not be at the expense of someone’s life.


“I am asking the citizens of Robertson County and the volunteer state of Tennessee to join me in urging the responsible behavior we need to get through this difficult time. It is not forever, just a few more months.

“I am not naïve enough to believe my words will change anyone’s mind but maybe your behavior will adapt.

“The next large gathering you are invited to attend, please stop and think, “this could be a memorial service for my loved ones or even myself“ the deaths are staggering, approaching 4000 just in the state of Tennessee.


Weekly COVID-19 case numbers for Robertson County Tennessee.