Rollover Crashes In Robertson County (A Look At The Numbers)

Rollovers In Robertson County (A Look At The Numbers)

Rollover Crashes In Robertson County (A Look At The Numbers)

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Does Robertson County really have more rollover crashes than other counties? With that thought in mind, Smokey Barn News reached out to the Tennessee Highway Patrol for some numbers.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is very concerned with public safety and as a result, they keep great records.

The numbers below reflect all rollover crashes across Tennessee between 2013 and 2017. With over 8000 rollover crashes across the state (including large trucks) since 2013, it looks like we are not alone.

Though Robertson County is on the upper end statistically, we are not the winner. That title goes to Davidson County who has been averaging over 500 rollover crashes per year since 2015. If you look at their numbers on the chart below, the number of rollover crashes seem to be climbing right along with Nashville’s economic boom.

Robertson County averages about 111.6 rollover accidents per year or a little over 2 rollovers per week. Remember, that number would include all interstate crashes inside the county as well. In addition, the definition of a “rollover” according to the THP, will include a vehicle that just tips over on its side. In other words, the vehicle does not have to completely “rollover” to qualify as a rollover.

So how’d we do? Out of 95 counties, we made the triple-digit club with over a hundred rollover crashes per year, using 2017 stats. 21 counties made the triple-digit club in 2017, including Robertson County. Last year we tied for 20th place with Roane County.  If it makes you feel any better, Robertson County came in at the bottom of the triple-digit club, so we just made it. In other words, we are not the worst.   Here’s the short version for water cooler chat; Robertson County tied for 20th place out of 95 counties for rollover crashes, again using 2017 numbers.

See how your county measured up on the chats below. The upper chart is for standard vehicles and trucks and the lower chart is for large trucks.

Statistics can be instrumental for city, county and state officials as they make improvements to our roadways to make them safer for all of us.  For a first-hand look at Smokey’s coverage of rollover crashes in Robertson County CLICK HERE.

UPDATE: Our news partner WKRN News 2 put together some numbers in January 2023 that put Roberton County 26th in the state for motor vehicle fatalities.

#26 In fatalities: Robertson County, Tennessee
– Motor vehicle crash fatalities: 26.3 per 100K people (#529 nationally, 19 deaths)
– 1 pedestrian death
– 0 bicyclist deaths
– 5 deaths involving drunk drivers
– Road with most fatalities: I-24 (5 fatalities)

So there you have it. Why do you think we have so many rollovers? Speed? curvy backroads? poor vehicle design? Tell us in comments.

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