Rollover Simulator Helps Prepare Local Firefighters

Rollover Simulator Helps Prepare Local Firefighters

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) –  When you consider our need for fuel and other petroleum-based products, coupled with Robertson County’s demand for agricultural-based liquids used in farming, tankers move in just about every corner of Robertson County and accidents are inevitable and do happen.

The Springfield Fire department invited Smokey Barn News along for a very special what-if. What-if a tanker flipped and started spilling fuel or some other kind of hazardous chemical? How do you train for something like that? The answer is simple, firefighters use a tanker rollover simulator.

In the video above Smokey Barn News takes you along as Springfield Firefighters address a simulated spill with foam and a mechanical clamping device used to arrest tanker spills. The Robertson County Emergency Management Agency brought in the special simulator and facilitated the training.  It’s as real as you can get without actually flipping a tanker.

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