Search For Bus Drivers Continues In Efforts To Prevent Long wait At Bus Stops

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Search For Bus Drivers Continues In Efforts To Prevent Long wait At Bus Stops

Search for bus drivers continues

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Although the positive response to advertisements for bus drivers for Robertson County Schools has helped out, there are still vacancies that need to be filled.

The result of the continuing shortfall is that some bus drivers have had to double up on routes, creating a longer-than-desired wait for buses on the part of students and parents. “Doubling Up,” on routes means that buses run one route, take those students to school, and then run a separate second route.

Supervisor of Transportation Jerry Partlow said two drivers are out right now due to health and that there is still a need for up to seven new drivers to provide for a consistent supply of drivers and backup drivers within the system.

“We’re training three more right now,” he said, “one of whom may be driving within the next ten days, but we could still use a few more. We know there are wait times on the part of some students and are doing all we can to minimize that.”

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  1. brenda collins

    That pay scale would average to be about 70.00 per day starting out. I know drivers who have been driving in Robertson county for many years that don’t make but maybe7.00 – 9.00 0over the beginning wage now…..after several years of service…… there are NO benefits what so ever!! Don’t bother! Plus, when full time drivers fill in for absent drivers, the fill in is not compensated in any way!!!!