Search Intensifies for Missing Man Connected to Homicide Investigation in Springfield

Search Intensifies for Missing Man Connected to Homicide Investigation in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, TENNESSEE – We have an answer for you on the mystery on the Greenway in Springfield. The City of Springfield is currently engaged in an extensive search operation at the Greenway, focusing efforts on the creek around the Main Street bridge and the Greenway entrance. MAP According to officials in Springfield, the heightened activity, involving police, medical personnel, emergency management teams, and scuba divers, is centered on locating Apolinar (Polo) Sadierna-Garcia, who was reported missing on June 12, 2024. MISSING PERSONS REPORT

Polo Sadierna-Garcia’s disappearance is intertwined with a broader investigation into the recent homicide of Carlos Camaja, whose body was discovered near the Robertson County/Montgomery County line on June 11. Originally thought to be the result of a pedestrian accident involving a train, Camaja was found to have been fatally shot before his body was moved to its final location. This discovery prompted the arrest of Celia Ramirez-Hernandez, 48, and Misael Cruz-Hernandez, 34, both residing at the same Springfield address as Polo. FULL STORY

Celia Ramirez-Hernandez, identified as Camaja’s girlfriend, and her son, Misael Cruz-Hernandez, are currently facing charges including criminal homicide, criminal simulation, and tampering with evidence. They remain in custody without bond as the investigation continues.

The connection between Polo Sadierna-Garcia, Carlos Camaja, and the suspects underscores the complexity of the ongoing investigation. Authorities have not disclosed specific details regarding the nature of the search at the Greenway, but the presence of scuba divers makes it clear, they are looking for something in the river.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Apolinar (Polo) Sadierna-Garcia is urged to contact the Springfield Police Department at 615-384-8422.

The Greenway is now open even as the investigation continues at the park but you may want to stay clear of the area near Main St and the bridge. MAP

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