Second Rollover Accident In Same Spot Sends One To The Hospital Early Saturday Morning

A pickup truck went down a steep embankment and landed upside-down in a creek bed after it went off the roadway on New Chapel Rd in Springfield early Saturday morning around 4am.

Location Of Wreck MAP

Accident at same location back on June 20th 2012

Vehicle Discovered In Ravine By Chance; Saves Young Drivers Life.

A vehicle was discovered in a ravine off of New Chapel Rd in Springfield, TN today at about 5:30PM. A 16 yr old girl lost control and went off the road down an embankment. A lady driving home from work saw something in the corner of her eye. She decided to take her work truck home and come back for a closer look and saw the jeep lying at the bottom of the ravine and immediately called 911. Pleasant View Fire was on the scene quickly with ropes and a Stokes basket to hoist the young teenage girl to the top of the hill. She was conscious but we don’t know the extent of her injuries. She was taken via ground to medical services. It is amazing that she was found at all. She was wearing a safety-belt which probably saved her life. Look for Updates here as they come in…

Jim Ball reporting June 20th 2012wreck New Chapel

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