Snake Visits Springfield Church On Friday The 13th

Snake Visits Springfield Church On Friday The 13th

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – A snake caused a bit of a stir in Springfield Friday after it decided to pay a visit to Life Of Faith Family Church.

The church is located directly across from the Robertson County Courthouse on the Springfield square.

Church members told Smokey Barn News that the snake just appeared on their doorstep. With children inside, church members quickly covered the snake with a box.  The police were called but couldn’t ID the snake so to be safe they contacted Robertson County Animal Control.

Church members Shannon Krieger and Allison Spect found the timing of their special Friday the 13th visiter hilarious.

Tim Winters with Robertson County Animal Control arrived quickly and captured the snake. Officials said they will decide what to do with the snake after they identify it but assured Smokey Barn News the snake will be treated humanely.

What kind of snake do you think it was?