Springfield Cinema: Remodel Construction To Start Next Week

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Springfield Cinema: Remodel Construction To Start Next Week

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – After a long wait and several plan changes, Springfield Cinema will begin the remodel of the exterior of the theater next Monday the 21st of September. Carmike officials told Smokey Barn News today that they will be closed for at least a week during construction.

The biggest change to the front of the theater will be the awning/canopy and lateral marquee, they will be completely removed and there are no plans to replace them.
The new marquee will be red recessed lettering perpendicular to its old location going down the front of the building vertically above the entrance.

Old Springfield Cinema picThere will be four lights pointing at the CINEMA sign, two going up and two going down creating a cinema effect, according to Carmike officials. The panels left and right of the marquee will be white.

With the marquee gone, upcoming and current movies will be displayed to the left of the entrance in two glass windows.

The biggest change at ground level will be the replacement of the small tiles that wrap the entrance with one foot square black tiles. For more details on the work being done next week see the plans diagram below.

As far as the inside, Carmike officials said that after the outside is complete they will turn their attention to improving the inside of the theater.

The theater is probably the largest draw for people into the historic downtown area followed by court related activities and merchant businesses on Main Street.

This is something that Springfield residents have wanted for many years, it should be beautiful when complete and may even be good for business on Main St.

What do you think of the new look, tell us in comments below….

To see what’s playing this week before the construction begins  click here.

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Latest Comments
  1. Nancy Williams Lewis

    There will probably be wrecks with us “old timers” trying to read what is playing from a sign in the window! I wish the movie title was on the marquee. I, too , will miss the old look but progress is a coming whether now or later. I hope they have handicapped spaces for scooters in the new theater.

  2. Rhonda Elmore

    I wish they left it old school. Really hope we will be able to see what movie is playing on those small windows.

  3. Jim Shorts

    I think it’s rather sterile and generic, but probably cost effective for the corporation.

  4. Patti G.

    Glad to see that they are finally moving ahead with the renovation. However, I’m really disappointed that they didn’t go with a more retro look. The new modern look doesn’t go with the rest of the historic district. I’m not sure who made this decision, but it would be my guess that it was a corporate decision. I think anyone from here would have moved to go with a look that respected the integrity of that area of town.

  5. Donna Plumlee

    Awhhhh. Gonna miss the Big Orange tiles that have been there forever. But it will look better with new updating. I wish they could have replicated the original ole time marquee when it was the Capitol but I know that would have been very expensive. I am just glad they are remodeling. Will miss the large-print titles of the movies however. That is usually how I knew what movie was showing and whether or not I would choose to see it there. Good luck with the remodel, Carmike. Thanks for making our town look better.