Springfield Firefighters Rescue 4 Trapped In Hotel Elevator

Springfield Firefighters Rescue 4 Trapped In Hotel Elevator

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Firefighters were called to the Holiday Inn Express in Springfield Saturday evening after four people became trapped in an elevator on the second floor.

The first call came into 911 at 6:31 pm. Lieutenant Jeremy Leggett, a 14-year veteran of the Springfield Fire Department described the rescue as somewhat uneventful. “The door got jammed up, that’s it,” Leggett said.

Lieutenant Leggett said his team, with the assistance of the Springfield Police Department, used special emergency elevator keys to open the doors and free the occupants, who were described as two adults and two minor children. The elevator is out of service until a cause of the malfunction can be identified, Leggett said.

Thanks to a very quick response by the Springfield Fire Department and Springfield Police, the entire ordeal was over for the trapped occupants in something just north of a record-breaking 10 minutes.

The Holiday Inn Express, located on Memorial Blvd, is a newer hotel in Springfield that opened its doors in 2018.