Springfield: Little Caesars Pizza Closed After Grease Fire

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Springfield: Little Caesars Pizza Closed After Grease Fire

Little Caesars in Springfield has REOPENED. 
The oven is again fully operational and the store has re-opened.

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) –  Little Caesars Pizza located at 1507 Memorial Blvd (MAP) in Springfield was temporarily closed after what officials originally thought as a grease fire. It turned out to be a malfunctioning fire suppression system that engaged when no fire was present, according to Springfield Fire Chief Jimmy Hamill

“Their ovens still needed  to be cleaned out and inspected before they were able to re-open,” Hamill said.

Chief Hamill told Smokey Barn News that the fire suppression system solution mixed with a little bit of grease which made it initially appear that there had been a grease fire to investigates.

There were four employees inside the store at the time of the malfunction. The Assistant Manager Teresa Asay told Smokey Barn News that it sounded like an explosion went off and they all quickly evacuated and called 911.

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