Springfield Smoke Plume Could Last Two Weeks

Springfield Smoke Plume Could Last Two Weeks

Springfield Smoke Ploom Could Last Two Weeks

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) If you live in Springfield (or Detroit Michigan) you probably noticed the large smoke plume near downtown Springfield. According to officials, it could smolder for two weeks.

Springfield officials tell Smokey Barn News that a large brush pile with debris (plant matter) collected from throughout the city somehow ignited. The best guess was that an incinerator designed to slowly process the brush released an ember that traveled to the very top of the pile where it ignited very fast.

The pile is located off Charles Ralph Dr tucked back in behind Bath Fitter. LOCATION OF FIRE Smokey Barn News thought an aerial view might be a way to best understand the mechanics of the fire. We chose not to report it yesterday because it was off by itself, not affecting traffic and offered no real danger to the public. After learning that it may linger for a couple of weeks we felt a report was warranted.

The Springfield Fire Department put thousands of gallons of water on it before calling in North Robertson Fire & Rescue to put even more water on it but with the type and density of the pile, the fire persisted.

Ultimately the decision was made to just let it burn, which was its intended fate anyway, just not all at once. Officials tell Smokey Barn News that it will likely smolder and burn for a week or two. Though the pile is tucked into a corner of a row of trees, officials say it should offer no danger to the surrounding area or businesses, though there may be a lingering smell of smoke for a while. City engineers also pushed the pile away from the tree line to prevent further expansion but if the wind picks up it could move over to the tree line.

Officials will be constantly monitoring the pile until it burns itself out.

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