The Daily Brief….March 5, 2024

The Daily Brief….March 5, 2024

The Daily Brief….March 5, 2024

STORIES- Vote Today!, Flooding on roadways, Teen still missing


ROBERTSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) –  The Daily Brief covers alerts and social media posts that don’t make it out to our website. We have received numerous messages from Smokey readers that are not on social media and therefore miss many alerts. If you are not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (X) then this report is for you. This report (published daily) will mirror all of our social media accounts.  Updates will be added to the Daily Brief throughout the day.  Just reload this page to see the most current content for Monday, March 4, 2024. So, if you are not on Social media, Smokey’s Daily Brief will keep you in the loop!

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REMINDER: Vote Today til 7pm. Your voting precinct will be listed on the back of your voter registration card.
Virginia Boyd says get out and vote today!
Voters, we’ve done our best to consolidate the information for you using a forward time scale on who is running for what. For those of you thinking of running for any of the many seats coming up for election on the August or November ballot of this year, Smokey Barn News has packaged everything up in a special report available here. CLICK HERE

The rain created some flooding on 5th Avenue/ Highway 49 above the JAIL near Dogwood Drive. If you’re traveling in the area use caution and expect delays.

PHOTO: Joe Bilyeu

DAY Nine…  Where is Sebastian? 

As the search for 15-year-old Sebastian Rogers enters another critical day, here’s how you can make a crucial difference:
CONTACT US: Contact us with any information you may have
• Detective Carter at 615-442-1865 or [email protected]
• TBI Agent Simmons at 1-800-TBI-FIND or [email protected]
• Sumner County Sheriff’s Office at 615-451-3838.
CAMERAS: Surveillance Footage and Trail Cameras
We’re asking everyone in the area to meticulously review footage from security and trail cameras. Please focus on the timeframe from SUNDAY AFTERNOON THROUGH MONDAY MORNING. We believe even the smallest detail could be the key to locating Sebastian.

• What to Look For: ANY FOOTAGE, no matter how seemingly insignificant. ANY movements, vehicles, or individuals.
• How to Share: Register here then send an email to [email protected] or call (615) 442-1865 and we will physically retrieve the footage.
SEARCH: Leave No Stone Unturned
Continue thorough searches of your property:
• Where to Look: In, under, and around all possible areas – sheds, garages, under tarps, in dense brush, etc. Think of places where a child might seek shelter or could accidentally become trapped.
Sheriff-> “Thank you for your attention and for all that you’re doing to help. Let’s keep hope alive and work together for Sebastian’s safe return.”


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RC Schools Education Job Fair Set For March 12th

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