“They Saved My House” Fire Crews Make Great Stop

WANTED: R&R Transmission Mechanic @ Springfield ATR (APPLY TODAY)"They Saved My House" Fire Crews Make Great Stop

“They Saved My House” Fire Crews Make Great Stop

GREENBRIER, TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Jeff Morland of Greenbrier was home when he looked outside and noticed a brushfire in his backyard barreling toward his home.

The fire was positioned off Moncrief Cir, which sets almost center between Greenbrier and Springfield, the first call coming into 911 at 10:02 am Wednesday.  MAP

Morland jumped into action with a couple of fire extinguishers but based on the speed the fire was moving he knew he was only buying seconds.  The fire started in a neighbor’s yard and was moving fast.

Due to the size of the fire and the speed it was moving four fire departments were called in. The Greenbrier Fire Department, the White House Community Volunteer Fire Department, the Springfield Fire Department, and the Ridgetop Fire Department all responded.

At one point Morland stood on the inside of his fence with his fire extinguishers doing all he could to keep the fire from jumping his fence and getting his home just feet away. At this point, the fire was leaping several feet into the air.  “Thank goodness I had those fire extinguishers, they bought me precious seconds,” Morland said.

Morland said fire crews arrived very fast, “It was only about five minutes when they pulled in,” Morland said.

“I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all the Fire Departments for their five-minute response time to get this wildfire and save my home!” Morland said.

Morland said a Camero and RV were singed a little, and a couple of lawnmowers and a small shed burned but the house is just fine.

Morland told Smokey Barn News that he was just about to pull out of his driveway when he just happened to look up and notice the smoke. “I decided to take the car and not the truck so I loaded up the car, grabbed my coffee cup, and was just about to leave when I looked up and said – that’s way too much smoke!” Morland says if he had not noticed the smoke, his house would most certainly be gone.

An official cause of the fire has yet to be released but Greenbrier Fire Chief Kyle Hamill told Smokey Barn News that this was a good time to remind citizens that any type of fire should never be left unattended.

Morland added that not cleaning up his pine needles may have contributed to the speed of the fire. “The needles were fuel,” Morland said.  Morland’s tips, keep your yard mowed and clean and always have large fire extinguishers. “Mitigate your property.”

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