VIDEO: Tractor Trailer Overturns with 40,000 Pounds of Ice-Cream

A tractor trailer carrying 40,000 pounds of ice-cream jackknifed and overturned on the south bound side of I65 in Millersville Tuesday evening around 7PM. UPDATE At 1:30 TDOT CLOSED both south bound lanes of I65 and diverted traffic at the 104 (Bethel Rd) exit sending traffic over to Why 31W that reconnects with I65S a few miles south of the wreck. Exact location of wreck.

UPDATE I65 South Between the 104 (Bethel Rd) and Hwy 31W In Millersville is still CLOSED. It may be another two hours. As of 3:30AM they began the process of trying to right the rig.

UPDATE 5:30AM I65 South is now OPEN.. According to Millersville police there is still some debris at the accident site but they will wait until after rush hour to finish cleaning it up. Traffic should be normal now and should be unaffected by the clean up they do later in the day.

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