Two Charged In Night Of White House Burglaries

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Two Charged In Night Of White House Burglaries

WHITE HOUSE TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – According to White House Police Chief Pat Brady,  on December 7th almost a dozen auto burglary reports were filed with the White House Police Department within a 24 hour period. All of the reports were by residents who reside in the Sumner Crossing’s area of White House.

Each victim stated that during the night someone had entered their unlocked vehicles and stole different types of personal property, including 2 loaded handguns, navigation systems, speakers, headphones, and a small amount of cash. There was also one burglary of a residence reported in the same neighborhood, according to a White House release.

White House Police Detectives were called in to investigate. During their investigation a call came in from a construction worker in the area. The worker told police that overnight someone had left a gym bag in the living room of a home being worked on. The bag contained miscellaneous items, Chief Brady said.

Detectives went to the house and retrieved the gym bag.  The bag contained much of the items that had been reported stolen. A short time later, the construction worker again called police, this time telling police that someone had just come by asking about the gym bag. The worker told police that the inquisitive man left on foot after being told that the gym bag was now at the police station.   A short time later police located the man identified as, David Edwards, 21, of Nashville, and he was taken into custody, Brady said.

According to Chief Brady, after an interview with police detectives, Edwards made statements admitting to his involvement in the crimes.

Identification of a second suspect was located in a pickup that police believe was being used by the suspects. The I.D. was that of Darren Gilley, 23, of Gallatin. When questioned, Gilley also made statements admitting to his involvement in the crimes, Brady said.

Chief Brady told Smokey Barn News that detectives were able to retrieve most (if not all) of the stolen property, including the two handguns. The suspects directed detectives to both of the guns, Brady said.  One of the guns was found in a second gym bag located at a home that had been burglarized, and the second gun was retrieved in a treeline in the neighborhood.

Due to the amount of victims and property stolen, White House Detectives worked almost non stop on the case, working late into the evening interviewing victims and returning stolen property to victims, Chief Brady said.

Both subjects have been charged with numerous felony counts of auto burglary and theft, along with one count of felony Aggravated Burglary.

This investigation is continuing and more charges are anticipated Brady said. The White House Police Department would like to remind residents to lock their vehicles at night to help prevent becoming a victim.

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