VIDEO: Canine ParvoVirus Outbreak At R.C. Animal Control Forces A Painful Decision

Update June 20, 2013, (Robertson County Animal Control)

RCAC will reopen on Monday after closure from the recent Parvo outbreak. Thank you to those who have been supportive during this trying time. My thoughts are with the employees and volunteers who are there working through this.

Smokey Barn News, June 18, 2013

All but two dogs at the Roberson County Animal Control facility had to be euthanized today due to an outbreak of the deadly Canine Parvovirus. For a shelter known for doing everything in its power to save animals, this was a very painful decision. iPhone/iPad users click on top photo(S) to play video The Shelters Official Press Release: June 18, 2013

Due to a veterinarian’s diagnosis of Parvo affecting 12 dogs at Robertson County Animal Control, the dogs unfortunately had to be euthanized. Animal Control must remain closed while the building and kennels are sanitized. Please be patient while we ensure the safety of the animals brought to our kennels in the future. We hope to reopen Monday, June 24. —

David Blackwood, Animal Control Director

Jim Ball reporting

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