Westside Elementary In Springfield CLOSED Due To Water Main Break

There were two water main breaks at two different county buildings today. Westside Elementary located at 309 Alsup Drive in Springfield will be closed on Tuesday (Dec. 4th) due to a water main break today. The correct assessment is that they will have it repaired by sometime Tuesday afternoon but if not the closing may be extended.

The irony is that earlier today we had a water main break at the Robertson County Office building located at 511 South Brown Street, Springfield, TN. They were able to stay open because of an additional feed that is acting as a backup until the repairs are complete. They were very lucky to have a secondary water line. It has been suggested by some that Springfield’s infrastructure is a tad out of date and needs to be overhauled.

The first question that pops in your head is, Is there a connection?
It’s kind of warm for this time of year, is that a factor? Probably not, just old pipes.

Grief counselors will be available for students to help them cope with having to miss a day of school.

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Jim Ball reporting Dec. 3, 2012
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