Why Did Springfield Ban Fireworks: Video Tells The Tale

Why Did Springfield Ban Fireworks: Video Report

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Why Did Springfield Ban Fireworks: This Video Will Tell The Tale

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News)- This is a re-post of a story we did a few years ago regarding why fireworks are not allowed inside Springfield city limits. If you have ever wondered what led Springfield leaders to ban fireworks, the video above should cast a little light on the decision.

Ken Duley Health Market April 1 - 14 2016This video footage (used on a popular TV series) was extracted from Springfield police dash-cams and as you can see, the streets of Springfield became a bit of a war zone.

Smokey spoke to a Springfield Police Officer that was working that night. The officer, that wished not to be named, told Smokey Barn News that people were shooting fireworks all over Springfield. Citizens were shooting at people, cars and as you can see in the video below, the police. “It was one crazy night,” the officer said.

Springfield Police cruisers are equipped with cameras that point in every direction. If you are caught using fireworks inside the city limits your fireworks will be confiscated and you will receive a citation.

If you are looking for a safe family friendly venue to watch a beautiful fireworks display,  you’re in luck. Cities all across Robertson County are putting on some spectacular professional shows during the next week. See link below..

Fireworks shows across Robertson County.

Pet Safety for July 4th By the American Veterinary Medical Association

Statistics say many pets panic, become confused, get lost, or run away during July 4th celebrations with fireworks. Prepare & Be safe!

Learn more – click here

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  1. afootupyours

    July, 4th 2014 fireworks were still launched with explosion, “In the hood nothing changes it only become hidden” There’s a certain type of people who live to get old, but they never become “wise”, this is why at the end of the rainbow they only possess “fools gold”.

  2. afootupyours

    We need a “COLLAR LAW” for criminals. How will it work? whoever committ a crime will wear a special made collar around their neck. Collar will be a belt like collar loose enough to breathe, but it will have a lock on it so it can only be removed by police, this collar will have an alarm like the house arrest ankle bracelett. written on the collar will be “Committed a Criminal Act in Robertson co.” written for the public eye. this is to be worn before they actually go to prison for 20-30 years.

  3. afootupyours

    Springfield, Tn. need tougher lawmakers, who will send some of these guys and gals away until they are much older than what they are, because it sounds like these individual need a mommy figure to hold their hands. And prison can do just that until they are “old enough” (mature in the head) to cope with society and learn how to live in our community as American citizen. It’s sad to say our pets seems more disciplined than people committing criminal actsin our community. I say free the dog from the leash law and make a leash law for criminals (lol).

  4. Zachary clark

    I think Springfield is getting out of control more and more every day

    • Kidd the Comcast Guy

      I think you are right. Idiots…they are everywhere.