Wyncie Bouge (age 3) Dies Late Saturday

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According to a media representative with Vanderbilt Medical Center 3 year old Wynce Bouge passed away late Saturday afternoon. This story has touched many lives all across middle Tennessee. It can be difficult to understand how you can so quickly go from where they were just minutes before the accident to where they are now. The outpouring support and love from the community has been unprecedented.

Last Monday January 28 the Bouge family was in a tragic auto accident that took the life of Wyncie’s grandmother Janice Darlene Carlton within hours.  Wyncie held on until yesterday. Two other occupants  in the car; Wyncie’s Mother Megan and baby brother Emmitt are recovering at Vanderbilt Medical.  For reasons not yet understood, a driver heading the opposite direction on 41S in Springfield crossed over 4 lanes to impact the vehicle carrying the Bouge family head-on.  The driver of the other vehicle; Mandricus Darden also died the same day.

For our original report  on the accident click here.

As soon as funeral arrangements are made available we will provide them to you.  If you would like to help the family financially during this difficult time, you can make a donation to the Bouge Family Assistance Fund at any branch of Regions Bank.

Smokey would like to convey our deepest sympathy to the Bouge family in this time of profound loss.



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  1. Trixie

    I’m just curious — Did they ever release a toxicology report on Darden? Was he under the influence of any substances when he caused this crash?

  2. jakitia

    I didnt knw hym bt its krazy hw u ppl on hur twkn..Damn let da man rest on..Stuff happen for a reason…It mite of jst been dur time to go..

  3. Hollywood

    This isn’t an issue of race or criminal history. The fact is the man shouldn’t have been driving. If he wasn’t doing something illegal (yes, driving without a license is illegal) then all parties involved would still be alive. I know his family and friends don’t want to hear it, but the fact is, yes, its his fault that these people are dead. He broke the law, he crossed over to the other side of the road, and as a result killed not only himself but two others as well. Does that make him a murderer? Technically, yes. Should people be defaming him all over the internet? No. Its not going to solve anything nor will it bring your loved ones back. The truth speaks for itself and lashing out at others (on both sides) just makes it all hurt worse.

  4. Keke Chatman

    Smh he still qot people that loved and cared about him, all tha neqativity aint called for

  5. kaila mccallum


    • Ann Ray

      Nobody talking any sense brought up anything about race. Just those with a lack of education who can’t complete a sentence with correct grammar and without profanity started talking race. This isn’t about race. It’s about a tragedy that should have been prevented by locking up a good for nothing criminal.

  6. Eva Way

    All of the families involved have suffered the great and terrible loss of a parent and a child. Death is never a happy occasion and my heart hurts for all those lost and the loved ones whose hearts will ache with pain. Neither of the deaths should be shamed by insults or gossip or race. I am sorry for Mandricus’ children and family who have to endure his death and I am extremely sorry for the Bouge family who is not only having to endure the loss of a mother and grandmother but an innocent young child. This is not about white or black, it is about grieving the losses that have occured in our community. Come together and put asside the petty gossip and arguing.



    • AMotheroftwo

      Did Mandricus love the people he burglarized? Did he love you and his children enough to marry you and make them legitimate? You believe the people who are supporting your children now through the SS benefits we will be paying you until they are 18 don’t have any right to express how we feel about what HE did? By driving when he knew he had no business on the road shows a blatant disregard for the law and others. By his actions his character is clear. Mandricus will always be remembered as a baby killer. It is his actions that make it so and no matter what good may have been in him, that is the end result of his life here on earth. May God have mercy on his soul.

  8. Ann Ray

    This was not an “honest mistake”. This was a seasoned criminal that should have been locked up years ago. Then this tragedy to a beautiful family never would have happened.
    Proper grammar and lack of profanity please!

  9. Amanda

    I am so glad that I serve a God who specializes in bringing beauty from ashes, and comforting the brokenhearted. Because this is heartbreaking, and I can’t imagine how something good can ever come from it. Prayers for the family </3

  10. daniel

    A truly horrible situation. One commentor mentioned the lack of talk of Mandricus. ok, well according to wkrn since 2011 he has had two robbery charges, cocaine charges and he was driving without a license. If our failed judicial system kept people like this where they belonged, this wouldnt have happened. yet now because of this, we have a decent, working family devastated.

    • twanna

      all of u people r makin such harsh comments. I’m not gonna deny that this was a terrible thing that happened cuz it is. But I knew the driver very well. Regardless of his drivers licsenes or background he wiz very far from a murderer. He loved life and loved everybody. No he should.not have been driving but he made a honest mistake and had a terrible accident. Now his family and friends also have to suffer especially his 5 babies. R.I.P Man G..