2nd Armed Robbery At Same Springfield Home In 3 Months

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Sunday August 24th, 2014
Springfield, Robertson County, Tenn.

2nd Armed Robbery At Same Springfield Home In 3 Months

Just after 3:00am Sunday morning, 911 emergency dispatch received a call that a robbery had just occurred at a home in the 200 Block of 16th Ave E. The home sits between Main and Batts Blvd on 16th Ave. in Springfield.

Corbin creek purple border ad 300When officers arrived, the victims indicated that four black males wearing masks, each carrying a gun, came through the front door and demanded money. There were four people in the home at the time of the robbery and they complied with the demands of the gunman. In all, according to Springfield Police, the suspects escaped with one cell phone, a set of car keys and an undisclosed amount of cash.

The victims said the car used by the suspects may have been a white Crown Victoria. The suspects are described as four black males about 6 feet tall, all wearing masks and dark clothing. At least one of the suspects spoke Spanish. No one was injured in the robbery.

Back on June 6th an armed robbery with an almost identical description was reported at this same address. According to Springfield Police back on June 6th, three men (each armed with a gun) robbed a 57 year old man in the front yard of the same home.

a 004According to a witness and the victim back on June 6th, a blue van or Caravan type of vehicle was driving up and down the street by their home. They told police they didn’t think much of the van until it stopped and three men wearing masks jumped out. After dropping off the three men, the van drove off, so police say there is likely a fourth suspect. After jumping out of the van the three men, all with guns and masks, ran up to the victim in his own front yard and demanded money.

The victim handed over his cell phone and his wallet.  According to Springfield Police, the robbers escaped with a very small amount of cash and a cell phone.

Back on June 6th the three suspects were described as three black or Hispanic males with slender builds. The suspect who demanded the money spoke fluent Spanish according to the victim and a witness. 

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Springfield police at 615-384-8422 or Crime Stoppers at 615-382-3799.


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  1. afootupyours

    Sound like these guys just got out of Prison and they are seeking revenge, by cowardly targeting innocent people, especially Mexicans they know keep a stash. Advice; put your money in a local Bank branch.

    • Sonny Free

      And let the banker run off with it r u crazy or a banker?

  2. b spain

    You know what’s wrong with people today, no one thinks for themselves anymore the reason why we are in the situation we are in currently is no ones fault but our own. Our elected officials are the real criminals, most of the ignorant people of Robertson Co. are so blind to the white collar crimes that happen right under our noses. Why do you think the Feds are in town? I can tell you it’s not over a few pounds of weed but who hands feed the drugs and the so called violence in the streets. Im personality asking for the resignation of Sheriff Holt and Police Chief Thompson and not only that I think every officer needs to be polygraph to see where the bad apples are. Before we end up like Chi-raq

    • Sonny Free

      We all know about a certain former officer in the county who got rich while using the position of being a LEO as a front.But as for sheriff holt i have known him for many years and found him to be a honest man same as former chief mike wilhoit.I will admit there are some bad apples at the SPD when it comes to being abusive and the new chief can’t control the bad ones because out of fear or he doesnt no.City manager PAUL NUTTING and mayor carneal have no clue of what’s going on in SPRINGFIELD they are too busy training HOWARD BRADLEY on how to smile after the elections are over and he won.

  3. b spain

    people who get on this website stating that we need change don’t realize they are just as much to blame for the nonsense in the streets as the “drug dealers” Maybe if people would shut up and stop listening to the hand that feeds you this media, there is a lot of corruption in the sheriff department and the police department ( dirty cops) so maybe we need to get rid of the people who were sworn to protect us in the first place

    • Sonny Free

      If you have proof of ‘dirty cops’ then step up with it turn it over to the TBI or FBI.I have heard that for years but never saw any corrupt officers get charged or indicted for crimes of any kind.Do we have officers that will abuse someone HELL YES WE DO its always been that way but dirty cops i have to say no until someone proves me wrong.

      • b spain

        Why would I turn them into TBI so their corrupt system can just run him through some rehabilitation course. You’re obviously not getting the point….THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT. It doesn’t take a genus to figure this out, who do you think honestly brings all the drugs into springfield? Just think about it…..

  4. Lady

    typo front door………….seems to be a lot of robberies lately WHY?
    Every time I go into the city, I see tons of Cops.