Boy’s Christmas Drone Flies Away On First Launch (Have You Seen it?)

Boy’s Christmas Drone Flies Away On First Launch (Have You Seen it?)

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Mrs. Debra Biggs of Springfield told Smokey Barn News that their family decided to get their son a drone for Christmas.  He loved it.

Mrs. Biggs says that on Christmas morning her 11-year-old son went outside to fly the drone that he called “The greatest gift ever!”

“With husbands help, they got it balanced out etc then he took it up in flight. Well, needless to say, it continued to go up-up-up out of control, not responding to the remote at all.”

The Biggs son was devastated. The family jumped into the car and went after it but the high-tech drone outran them and disappeared into the sky.

With the help of neighbors, they searched the fields and woods in the area with no luck.

“It could have gone several miles, Mrs. Biggs said, “I called the company (Propel) who said it sounds like a malfunction in remote and when it gets so far up it will max out speed and go till the battery died. It runs 10/20 min.”

The launch point for the drone was at a home near Cage Ellis and New Chapel in Springfield. Other crossroads in the search area are Flewellyn Rd and Hwy 49.

The drone was last seen headed towards Hwy 49.  SEARCH AREA.

If you find the drone you can reach Mrs. Biggs HERE.

“So if u see a red/Burgundy drone in your yard PLEASE let us know.”

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